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Match Point

Duke it out with your friends in this physicsy couch competition game · By Jolly Crouton Media, Austin


Recent updates

Match Point 1.0.5 Uploaded
Hey all! We've just put 1.0.5 up. We've tidied up a few things since launch. If you care to see how busy we've been, here's the log: 1.0.1 Reduced the game file...
1 file
Go forth and beat down ye thy opponents!
We've just launched. You know what to do. (Buy it. You should buy the game. In case that wasn't clear.)...
1 file
Tutes and Torials
Ah, the Great and Mighty Tutorial, feared across the gamedev land. This key witness, this first impression, this emissary from the creators who holds in its han...
Downtown Sound Round
With Match Point, we've been careful to build an aesthetic that tugs retro heartstrings without drowning in convention or losing the comfy amenities of modern d...
New Beginnings
Hello gamepals, and welcome to the first Match Point devlog entry. A lot has taken place over the last couple weeks, and I want to get you up to speed... At the...

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