Match Point 1.0.5 Uploaded

Hey all! We've just put 1.0.5 up. We've tidied up a few things since launch. If you care to see how busy we've been, here's the log:

Reduced the game file size
Fixed issue where static screen option would cause camera on stage to enter slowly

Fixed issue with controls back sound
Fixed pause menu transitions
Fixed issue where controls picture animated badly
Fixed issue where restarting during countdown renders music mute
Fixed issue where game could be unwinnable if you score 99 goals on tennis mode, the player that gets to 99 first wins
Fixed issue where shield break stat would show even when shields were disabled
Fixed issue where color commentary is white when scoring final goal, even though player is the color of their side
Fixed issue where upper main menu art wouldn't display for the color red
Added an override in win screen that when you hold Y you can ready up all players

Can always override ready up at win screen
Override shakes all players' ready up text
The pause menu now relinquishes control from the player who paused after 2 seconds
Moved ready up commentary down a bit
Increased window for sandwich stat to occur
Made win screen animations a little quicker
B now resumes from timeout
B on controls diagram goes back to main pause menu
Now mode select always takes the selected mode when pressing X, A, or B
Changed mode and rules selection color to the opposite color
Centered rematch animation
Start button will now start a match when selecting a stage
Added sound effect for readying up on win screen
Added quit animation
Tutorial Y button prompt now gets smaller when switching sprites.

Added restart to tutorial
Realigned placement of win screen buttons in tutorial

Fixed issue with starting match with start button
Hid ready up step until player joined
Made tutorial change based on previously selected colors
Added sound effect for overriding ready up
Fixed issue where readying up back and forth would cause graphical weirdness in tutorial
When going from last chance to overtime, GOAL flags now come in and then the overtime flag.
Added JCM logo video
Fixed issue where pressing B on win screen resets animations and makes player get stuck, both in stage and tutorial
Fixed issue where controls header in tutorial pause menu wouldn't animate with upper bar
Made tutorial adjustments

We've got a couple more things we're polishing as well! Hope you've been enjoying the game.


Match Point 83 MB
Nov 24, 2018

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