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The year is 20XX. Social media clapbacks by sassy corporate stooges have escalated from mere marketing campaigns to full-blown military campaigns.

Frothing fans of funny fast food have fractured former families into fried-in-the-wool factions, friends facing off in a fatty fracas of the fates.

Pledge your undying loyalty to... eh, one of them. Duel all challengers until met with sweet, supersized victory or cruel, congealed defeat.

  • Control various units in a turn-based isometric puzzle strategy game, where each unit has a unique gameplay mechanic!
  • Push your enemies off a cliff with your adoring Fans, ram into a Fry Cook with your Taco Truck, or snipe them from afar with a T-Shirt Cannon!
  • Solve 26 levels cleverly designed to make it easier for the AI to win!
  • Enjoy pixel art and music inspired by the good ol' days of GBA games.

Franchise Wars is a puzzle-strategy game, or puzzegy game, developed by the folks at Jolly Crouton Media and Tiny Warrior Games. The game was made game-jam style, over a month filled to the brim with passionate pixel pushin' and code cobblin'.

Install instructions

Just unzip the downloaded file and open the executable to run it!


Franchise Wars 43 MB


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Still absolutely love this. 

What is the best way to contact you for a sort-of-maybe-kinda cool project?


Hey there Toadsanime! We'll contact you about your sort-of-maybe-kinda cool project soon :) Thanks for you interest!

Had a great time playing it, clean design, catchy music, and engaging puzzegy :) 


This was so fun. Really enjoyed it.


Hello there! Great game! Had an overwhelming feeling from and old french game I used to play! Keep it up!

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Solid game! Reminds me of Into the Breach. There's a good 2 hours of gameplay and I had a blast grinding through it in one sitting.